Load Cell, Potentiometer

Load Cell, Potentiometer
Product Details

As one of the best load cell manufacturers in China with a good reputation, Prosperity Textile Machinery is able to offer you customized load cell. Welcome to visit our website.

Load cell

1. General

Model: JH-CG-1 potentio meter is one type high performance tension angle sensor device, mainly applied in textile wet process, polyester and paper making industries for multi-units AC drive system purpose.

2. Main characteristics

suitable for high temperature, heavy moisture, high corrosion environment.

Simple direction choice, clear indicator.

Offside CAM adopts two - section structure, CAM Angle adjustment is convenient and fast.

Small volume, light weight, easy assembly.

3. Technical parameter

resistor( KΩ):2、5、10

independent linear degree (%):0.2

effective turn angle(DEG):345±2

nominal power(W):2(70℃)

ambient temperature range(℃):-10~+85℃

mechanical turn angle(DEG):360°(continuous)

turn lifespan :50 million times


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