Photo-electronic Centering Device

Photo-electronic Centering Device
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As one of the best photo-electronic centering device manufacturers in China with a good reputation, Prosperity Textile Machinery is able to offer you customized centering device, potentiometer. Welcome to visit our website.

Infrared photoelectrical centering device.

It is made up of left and right frame head, SS wire winded uncurller, centering pipe, alignment adjusting rollers and control circuit etc.

3pcs wire winded uncurllers, fabric wrap angle adjustable, driven by motor, the uncurller rotation direction is on the contrary of the fabric entrance, fabric tension adjustable via wrap angle adjustment according to different fabrics, quickly remove creases and fully open fabric, 

2pcs alignment adjusting rollers, coated with grain belt, increasing fabric moving friction and fast action.

1pair centering pipes, aluminum alloy shell, coated with high strength apparent PVC pipe, both sides good seal, internal inserted sensitive circuit card, which is imported.

Power: 380V, 1.5KW

Wire winded uncurller speed: 500rpm, dia.100mm

Alignment precision: ≤±5mm for full length. 

Normally it is installed at the entrance and exit of full machine line.

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