S-roll Pressure Stepless Calender Machine

S-roll Pressure Stepless Calender Machine
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As one of the best s-roll pressure stepless calender machine manufacturers in China with a good reputation, Prosperity Textile Machinery is able to offer you customized s-roll pressure stepless calender machine. Welcome to visit our website.

S-roll pressure stepless calender machine

Main feature 

Carry out pressure stepless S-roll, achieve uniform line pressure via adjusting oil pressure in the chamber.

The elastic roll sleeve coated on the pressure stepless S-roll can better compensate the deformation of the roll.

Hydraulic system for S-roll

Auxiliary oil motor included.

HMI (machine monitoring, process parameters set, seam monitoring animation display, oil pressure display, trouble diagnosis, alarm information)


set one full roll in several sections, each section can set individual middle height value, adjust the value in the HMI, make sure the pressure same level on the full length