GQN Airflow Dyeing Machine

GQN Airflow Dyeing Machine
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Product Details

As one of the best gqn airflow dyeing machine manufacturers in China with a good reputation, Prosperity Textile Machinery is able to offer you customized gqn airflow dyeing machine. Welcome to visit our website.

Main feature

High efficient , low bath ratio, low tension, fabric airflow running speed up 350m/min, cotton fabric bath ratio is 1:4, polyester fabric bath ratio is 1:2, low liquid pickup, light weight, low tension.

Scratch proof, anti-block, airflow inclined pipe is used for fabric overflow, make fabric in floating status, spraying nozzle fixed at the outlet of inclined pipe, pushing fabric swaying through dye chemical, the fabric storage area coated with PTFE.

Fill and discharge water under HT and HP, fresh water fill and waste water discharge can be processed at meanwhile. Improve washing efficient.

Special nozzle structure design suitable for various fabric, special airflow feature can achieve knitting fabric good shrinking and woven fabric good fullness, dropping ,loose and hand touching.

Computer inverter speed control program, achieve auto control for fabric drive roll, fan, circulation pump and dyeing procedure.

Main technical data

Type : horizontal and drum(2 pcs or 4 pcs tubes)

Drum diameter: 2300mm

Max. fabric capacity: 225kg per tube

Fabric linear speed: 40~700m/min

Bath ratio: 1:3~1:4

Max .working temperature: 140

Max. working pressure: 0.35Mpa

Steam pressure: 0.4~0.6Mpa

Compressed air pressure: 0.4~0.6Mpa

Installed power: 59kw

Overall dimension(L W H): 5900mm 5000mm 4300mm