Rotary Heat Exchanger

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MODEL: CHC590 Rotary heat exchanger


CHC590 The rotary heat exchanger solves the inherent problems in the heat exchange process between liquid and solid, specific features of the heat exchanger include the ability to work without filters, especially highly polluted liquids with various solid and chemical loads. Mainly used in textile wet process machine fabric washing phase.

Working Theory

The heat polluted water in the heat exchanger is fed, and then the water is drained to turn the fresh water supplied into hot water. Then the hot water in the washing room and the hot water in the spreader are fed to make the water temperature in the washing room rise, so as to save steam consumption.


Compact structure, small space occupied

All SS304 material, 3mm thickness chamber sheet, impeller 1.5mm thickness

A central axle formed by a set of shaft-mounted fixed disks, fresh water flows inside the disks in a labyrinth circuit, the axle is submerged in a tank which constitutes the polluted water circuit and which allows the passage of polluted water outside the impeller, the central axle is driven continuously by a small motor that generates turbulence which has two well defined purposes:

increasing the efficiency of the heat exchanger whilst keeping the polluted water passage sections as wide as possible.

the generation of a water flow departing from the centre of the axle and travelling towards the outside of the impeller which washes the exchanger to keep it clean.

Self-cleaning properties thus assuring the elimination of sealing and stoppages.

Thermo-meter temperature display both entry and exit of polluted water and fresh water .

Technical parameters

Overall size: ~3700mm×740mm×720mm.

Fresh water entry and exit dia.50mm

Polluted water entry and exit dia.100mm

Exchange area: 21m2

Fresh water capacity:180L

Polluted water capacity:1000L

Exchange efficiency: 70~80%

Design capacity: 4~8ton/hr

Working pressure:≤0.3MP

Return of investment

One set CHC590 heat exchanger can meet 5~8 pcs washing chamber water supply, 4 months can take back the machine cost(calculated on the basis of 20hr/day, 20working days/month; steam price 20usd/ton.)


installation diagram