A new type of electric singeing machine

A new type of electric singeing machine.

The initial flattening device relates to the field of printing and dyeing machinery, in particular to the improvement of the singeing machine. Provided is a new type electric sintering machine with no leakage of combustible gas, high safety, thorough singeing and low defective rate. The singeing device and the hot pressing device are sequentially arranged inside the housing, and the inlet and the outlet are respectively provided at the separation of the housing; There is a gap between each, and each of the hot-pressing rollers is connected to a hydraulic device, and the hydraulic device is connected to the controller; the hot-pressing roller includes a body, and a receiving chamber is provided in the body. The induction heating device is fixed in the warehouse, and the induction heating device is connected to the controller; the invention has double-sided singeing in the singeing process, high working efficiency, controllable temperature in the singeing process, low labor intensity and high safety , The advantage of low defective rate.