Adjust the flame amplitude of the singeing burner

At present, there is a big short board in the singeing machine of many companies, that is, the fire mouth of the singeing burner cannot be adjusted according to the width of the fabric, so there is a phenomenon that the fire mouth of the singeing burner of many printing and dyeing manufacturers cannot adjust the amplitude, and the wide fire mouth burns the narrow fabric, which undoubtedly causes a huge waste of energy.So how to adjust the range of fire mouth of the singeing burner?

Generally speaking, there are three ways to adjust the amplitude of the fire mouth of the singer-fire machine: firstly, the cast iron plate mounted on the narrow seam at both ends of the fire mouth can be moved, which can be manually adjusted.Secondly, compressed air can be pumped into the interior of both ends of the crater, and the pressure can be adjusted to adjust the amplitude of the crater.Third, the amplitude can be adjusted by adjusting the regulating valves on both sides of the bottom of the fire orifice. Each regulating valve controls the amplitude of the flame to be 125mm.

The first method is the simplest and most feasible, but not effective enough.The second is not easy to control and affects the stability of the flame. If the flame is too large, it will waste energy. If the flame is too small, it will lead to incomplete singeing on both sides of the fabric and affect the quality of singeing.The third method has obvious effect, simple operation and energy saving, which is the main amplitude modulation method at present.However, these three methods can not be called perfect, the gap amplitude and fabric amplitude can not match well, nor can they save resources to the greatest extent, high-speed and efficient amplitude modulation mode is the development direction of the future singers.