AmorSui comes out with antimicrobial surgical gown


AmorSui has designed the Rebecca Crumpler Level 3 Antimicrobial Surgical Gown and AmorSui PPE management application, with a view to make hospitals reuse gowns in a simple and cost-effective way. Durable, eco-friendly and washable, up to 150 times, the new gowns have been created as a solution to the current shortages and rising costs of disposable PPE.

When PhD chemist-turned entrepreneur Beau Wangtrakuldee launched AmorSui in 2018, her focus was to provide size-inclusive personal protective equipment (PPE) that was chemical/fire-resistant, anti-microbial and properly fitted for women in STEM fields. But she would have never predicted a pandemic hitting the US two years later. Now, the AmorSui business model has shifted to support society with mobile-managed, gender-inclusive medical PPE.

“The global pandemic has disrupted global PPE supply chains,” explains Wangtrakuldee. “Because of factories shutting down and restrictions on exports and imports, US hospitals are continuously experiencing PPE shortages and surges in costs, in some cases by over 2000 per cent.”

The Rebecca Crumpler Antimicrobial Level 3 Surgical Gown is engineered to be washed up to 150 times and is size-inclusive offering XS-XL compared to the typical one-size-fit-all nature of disposable surgical gowns. Its name comes from the first African American woman physician in the US who dedicated her life to treating women and children. To complement this gown, AmorSui’s PPE management app offers training modules for staff to ensure proper use, wash tracking and repair services as well as usage analytics, reorder notifications, and two-step ordering. In an estimate for hospitals of 832 FTEs, AmorSui’s comprehensive sustainable PPE solution will save over $1.3 million annually.

AmorSui, meaning “love yourself”, launched in 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a mission to create classic protective workwear for women scientists. Wangtrakuldee’s desire to keep women safe goes back to her own laboratory safety experience in 2014. Wangtrakuldee teamed up with a group of fashion designers to create special apparel for women that can be worn with or without a lab coat and still provide protection. The first collection included fire and chemical resistant clothing with each style named after a renowned woman scientist. Now, AmorSui has expanded to the medical capsule collection and is approaching $1 million in sales by the end of 2020.