Basic characteristics of chain Drive

  1. An accurate average transmission ratio can be guaranteed. In general, the transmission ratio is 1: 6, and in special cases it is 8.

  2. Can transfer power at a distance of two axes, preferably less than 5m, to avoid strong vibration and chain wear during operation

  3. A large amount of power can be transferred

  4. The radial force on the shaft is much smaller than the belt drive because the chain drive is driven by meshing rather than friction

  5. Compared with gear transmission, circular force can be distributed on more teeth.

  6. Power can be driven from one chain to several parallel axes at the same time

  7. The buffer function in chain drive is less than that in belt drive.

  8. The transmission efficiency is high, the average value is between 96% and 97%.

  9. Can only be used between parallel axes

  10. You can turn a circular motion into a straight or curvilinear motion through a chain.

  11. Noise at work is high, so the speed should not be too fast, but the use of toothed chain can eliminate the noise

  12. The drive needs to be mounted precisely to keep the two axes parallel and to keep the center face of the two wheel teeth in the same plane