Basic information of dyeing machine


Brief introduction of dyeing machine

The dyeing machine is made of stainless steel. The mechanical speed control has the advantages of no noise and convenient speed control. It is suitable for seamless underwear, stockings and silk of hemp, cotton, rayon and blending.

Application scope of dyeing machine

The dyeing machine can be used for the dyeing, bleaching, boiling and washing of woolen sweater, acrylic fiber and cotton sweater, as well as for the bleaching and dyeing of gloves, socks, towels and other finished products. It is an ideal bleaching and dyeing equipment for a wide range of finished products. The machine automatically sets the positive and negative circulation to stir the fabric. Small ready-made garment dyeing machine can dye three kinds of color samples at a time.

Type of dyeing machine

1. Garment dyeing machine

It is suitable for dyeing seamless underwear, cardigan, acrylic sweater, nylon socks, scarf, gloves, cashmere like and blended knitwear. It is stable, safe, noise-free and durable

2. High temperature and high pressure dyeing machine

It is used for dyeing cloth or yarn, with the characteristics of uniform dyeing and not easy to dye flowers.