Bearing lubrication

In order to reduce friction resistance, reduce wear, improve efficiency, cool working surface and prevent adhesion and corrosion, bearing must be lubricated. Lubrication is a lubricant called lubricant. There are two kinds of lubricant, grease and lubricating oil.

Many factors should be taken into account in the selection of lubricant, such as the size and properties of the load on the bearing, the speed of the journal, the form of seal, the working temperature of the bearing and the method of lubrication, etc. For light-loaded high-speed bearings, use less viscosity of lubricating oil or grease.

The simplest way to refuel is to inject the lubricant into the bearing at regular intervals. However, in order to obtain a continuous supply of lubricant, commonly used bearings are lubricated by wick-core oil cup, spatter lubrication, pressure lubrication, oil pump pressure lubrication, oil gun pressure lubrication and oil cup pressure lubrication.