Calender machine

The calender is a kind of secondary equipment for embossing. In the period of pursuing high efficiency, the calender is constantly improving with the times, opening up new ideas and actively researching and developing a new generation of products, in order to achieve high efficiency. Good quality avatars.

    The calender adopts vacuum electron tube, the input power is constant, the oscillation weekly rate is 2712MHz in the international industrial band, and the input weekly rate is constant, which is suitable for international scale. Powerful head, pressure can be adjusted at will, manipulating the elbows to spur the lever theory, can make the pressure average, up and down, the pressure of the embossing machine head can be adjusted gently, to meet the needs of the common divergence, the rainwater collection It is equipped with a double spring, and the pedaling force is extremely light and the pressure scale makes the product connect excellent results, which is suitable for difficult-to-alignment products.

    And the calender has the function of preventing the electric wave from being disturbed, and is equipped with a high frequency frequency constant device and a high frequency barrier installation to minimize the high frequency disturbance; the safe shelter installation, when the current load crosses the limit value in the task, the overcurrent relay will take the initiative. Block high voltage, shelter the oscillating tube and rectifier. The high-activity spark suppressor prevents the frequency drift caused by improper operation, minimizes the electrode and material protection, and also increases the efficiency of the new embossing machine.

    The operation of the calender, such as energy saving, interference avoidance, safe shelter, etc., will inevitably bring about a change in the growth of the embossing machine, and the embossing machine will inevitably occupy a cooperative position on the trial production. The reception is coming to the heart.