Classification and process of spinning equipment

Spinning equipment is mainly divided into short fiber and long fiber processing, which are different in variety, machine structure, use and performance. According to the order in the process flow, it is divided into open cleaning machine, carding machine, combing machine, winding machine, winder, yarn doubling machine, draw frame, coarse and warping yarn machine, spinning frame, Rotor spinning machine, wool spinning machinery, etc.

The weaving equipment according to the process of the winding process, the warping process, the piercing process, the weaving process, and the finishing process.

Printing and dyeing equipment singeing machine (cloth singeing), boiling rinsing machine (returning cloth paste), mercerizing machine (making the fabric fibers neatly arranged, the cloth surface is shiny, the dye adsorption is better), uniform rolling Car (cloth dyeing), setting machine (finishing of fabric), pre-shrinking machine (control fabric shrinkage).

The finishing equipment is the equipment used for textile finishing, mainly including coating, calendering, printing, washing, nitrite washing, sand washing, embossing, punching, shaping, embroidering, bronzing and the like.