classifications of mercerizing machines

The mercerizing machine is a device for treating cotton yarn and cotton fabric with concentrated caustic soda under a certain tension and washing and removing alkali.

  In the knitting production, the processing of the weft-knitted tubular cotton knitted fabric is mainly used. The mercerizing machine is mainly composed of a feeding frame, an alkali immersion tank, a ventilation device, a widening device, a flushing device and a washing tank.

    The mercerizing machine can be divided into the following types according to different expansion devices for applying tension to the cotton knitted fabric after padding the lye; (1) the expansion of the spring expander, the friction roller prevents the fabric from contracting laterally; (2) The cylinder expander applies tension in the radial direction of the cylindrical fabric; (3) blows compressed air to form the cylinder fabric into an air drum; (4) the diameter expandable cylinder expander and the inflatable phase combine with the cylindrical fabric Apply tension in the radial direction and spray the lye. The first type of mercerizing machine is for flat-width expansion of the cylindrical fabric, and the second to fourth types of mercerizing machines are cylindrical radial expansion. The third type of mercerizing machine and the fourth type of mercerizing machine not only have the effect of expanding the fabric, but also reduce the arc-shaped diagonal deviation of the circular knitted fabric, and eliminate the wrinkles and edge creases generated during processing.