Common methods of fabric finishing

The basic finishing methods of fabrics include: the finishing method to stabilize the size, improve the appearance, improve the handle and optimize the performance, the finishing method to achieve multi-function and high added value, the finishing method to upgrade the fabric, and the finishing method to meet the special requirements.

Common methods of fabric finishing

1.   Preshrunk

Preshrinkage is a process of reducing shrinkage of fabric by physical method.Mechanical preshrinkage means that the fabric is first wet by steam or spray, and then by mechanical extrusion to increase the flexural wave height, and then by loose drying.

2.    Stenter

Stentering takes advantage of the plasticity of cellulose, silk, wool and other fibers under wet conditions, and gradually broadens the fabric width to the specified size for drying, so that the fabric shape can be stable process, also known as fixed-width finishing.

3.     Sizing

Sizing refers to the finishing process in which the fabric is dipped and coated with slurry and dried to obtain a thick feel and firm effect.

4. Heat-setting

Heat-setting  is a process to make thermoplastic fiber and its blend relatively stable. It is mainly used for the processing of synthetic fiber and its blend such as polyamide fiber or polyester fiber which is easy to shrink and deform after being heated.After heat finalize the design of the fabric, can improve dimensional stability, feel more stiff.

5.    Calendering

Calendering is a process in which the fabric surface is rolled flat or parallel twill by the plasticity of the fiber under hot and humid conditions to improve the luster of the fabric.

6.    Sueding process

The process of grinding the surface of the fabric into a layer of short and dense fluff with the sanding roller is called sueding, the sueding process can make the warp and weft yarn produce fluff at the same time, and the fluff is short and dense.

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