Cooling water circulating instructions for ZCMT913-20 singeing machine

Cooling water circulating instructions

(ZCMT913-20 singeing machine)

1.       Usage

Use for the cooling water circulation of singeing machine burner and roller. Ensure the normal supply of cooling water, to protect the burner and cooling water roller.


2.       Technical parameters

a)        Water tank volume: ~5M3.

b)       Circulation flow: 20T/h.

c)        Cooling water flow: 20T/h.

d)       Installed power: 3.55kw.


3.       Working principle

   Cooling water circulation process: cooling water pumped from the water tank to the singeing machine, passes through the burner and the cooling roller, sprays by the cooling tower and flows back to the water tank after cooling down.

    Cooling water circulation pump is interlocked with high pressure fan of the singeing machine. The pressure switch is installed on the main cooling water inlet pipe of the singer-burner, and the water flow switch is installed on the inlet pipe of the burner to timely detect whether the pressure and flow of cooling water meet the requirements. It also indicates whether the cooling water circulating pump works normally.

    Equipped with cooling water automatic temperature control, sets the upper and lower limits of temperature. When the water temperature in the water tank reaches the temperature limit, the cooling fan of the cooling tower starts to cool water. Once the cooling water temperature drops to the lower limit, the cooling fan stops.

Upper and lower limits of cooling water temperature control: the upper temperature limit is set as 50℃, and the lower temperature limit is set as 30℃. (It can be adjusted on site according to the situation).

Liquid level control: when the water level of the cooling circulating water tank is lower than the lower liquid level, the lower liquid level gauge is connected and the water filling solenoid valve is opened to replenish water. When the water level of the circulating water tank reaches the upper liquid level, the upper liquid level gauge is disconnected, and the water filling solenoid valve is closed to stop the water-replenishing.

Economic benefit: save 5 tons of water per hour.


4.       Components

a)        Liquid level gauge: 2 PCS, 220V.

b)       Temperature control: 2PCS, 220V. Rail mounted.

c)        Water filling solenoid valve: 1PC, AC, 220V.

d)       Water pump: 50ZX18-20, 3kw.

e)        Cooling tower: LYC-20, 0.55kw.

f)         SS water tank: ~5M3.