Eastman Staples supplies PPE manufacturing equipment


Eastman Staples, a garment and textiles supplier, has provided vital equipment to manufacture Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the healthcare industry after receiving a £300,000 loan from HSBC UK through Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS). Company traditionally supplies sewing machines, fabric and textile tools to garment industry.

However, with demand for PPE across the UK surging, the company was inundated with requests from the NHS, its suppliers and factories searching for machinery and materials.

The six-figure funding package from HSBC UK has enabled Eastman Staples to quickly source and supply a range of equipment and machinery to their clients. 

Most recently, the company has supported volunteers of the “Scrubs Glorious Scrubs” campaign, who are creating colourful patterned scrubs for doctors and nurses working on the front line; and Northumbria NHS Trust, which has opened a PPE factory to help beat the supply crisis. To date, Eastman Staples has provided equipment including sewing machines, chairs, garment rails and mannequins to these clients at a time of unprecedented need. 

“As with many businesses, Eastman Staples has faced uncertain times during Covid-19, which has required us to quickly adapt our business model to clients’ needs. We were inundated with requests from PPE suppliers who were desperately trying to meet demand and we were determined to help them, but this would not have been possible without the HSBC UK team, including Navin Sharma and Joanne Evenden. The funding has enabled us to meet these urgent orders and helped to keep the business trading throughout this challenging time,” Peter Kyprianou, director at Eastman Staples, said in a press release.

“It’s vital that every solid business has the chance to survive during this challenging situation. The team at Eastman Staples has been incredibly flexible and dedicated during an uncertain time and we are humbled to support them as they strive to supply vital machinery. We look forward to seeing further demonstrations of how the business is helping their healthcare clients over the coming months,” Navin Sharma, relationship director for Corporate Banking, HSBC UK, said.