Function and use of singeing machine

Function and use of singeing machine

There are many fluffs between the surface of the rough fabric and the warp and weft yarns of the fabric woven by the textile factory, which will cause many problems in the printing and dyeing process:

1. The fabric is easy to absorb dust and stain, which affects the cleanliness and appearance.

2. It is easy to stick to the roller during dyeing, making the color uneven.

3. The fluff falls into the dye solution or slurry and affects the processing quality.

4. The presence of fluff on the fabric makes it difficult to print clear patterns, especially fine patterns.

5. There is fluff on the cotton blended fabric, which is easy to pilling due to friction.

In conclusion, it can be found that the singeing machine plays an important role in the treatment of mixed textiles such as polyester, vinylon, and eye nylon.

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