General information of dyeing machine

High temperature and high pressure automatic

High temperature and high pressure automatic dyeing machine is suitable for high temperature and high pressure dyeing of various thick and thin chemical fiber fabrics, as well as natural and blended fabrics under normal temperature and pressure.

Types and development:

The early dyeing machines were made of wood and iron, and gradually began to use stainless steel in the late 1970s.According to the different types of processed cloth, dyeing machine has three types: exposure, capping, high temperature and high pressure.The dyeing machine is mainly used for dyeing silk and cotton cloth, and the high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine is used for dyeing polyester, nylon and other synthetic fabrics.

Main structure:

Dyeing machine cloth rolling rod:

 The central mechanism of the dyeing machine is two cloth rolling rods which are wound back and forth alternately. The fabric is unwound from one cloth rolling rod to the other. In the process of alternating winding, it continuously passes through the dye under the cloth rolling rod, absorbs the dye onto the cloth surface, and absorbs, binds and binds in the winding process.

Dyeing VAT of dyeing machine:

It is also called dyeing tank, which is located at the bottom of the cloth rolling stick to hold the dyeing liquid.Differential gear mechanism of dyeing machine:The invention relates to a mechanical device that keeps the linear velocity of two cloth rolls constant, so as to ensure that the fabric will not fold and wrinkle when passing through the open width because of fast feeding and slow winding, and will not cause too much tension, elongate or even break the fabric because of slow feeding and fast winding.

Cylinder head:

The cylinder head of the normal temperature dyeing machine ACTS as a constant temperature inside the cylinder, preventing the heat dissipation caused by the wind on the liquid fabric and preventing the upper temperature from too low to affect the dye penetration and fixation.The cylinder head of high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine ACTS as the pressure pot cover, and the internal temperature of cylinder exceeds 100℃, which is suitable for dyeing polyester fabric with disperse dyes.

Operating points

1, chemical: dye must be mixed and dissolved in the barrel of chemical, can be into the machine cylinder, otherwise the cloth may produce lake color stains

2, temperature: must cover heat preservation operation, in order to keep the machine cylinder liquid, liquid temperature at all places

3. Heating up: when steam is added and heating up, do not make the cloth roll run, or the difference in temperature before and after will cause color difference

4. Head and tail: before operation, it is necessary to ensure that there is little difference between the temperature of the cloth roller and the subaqueous temperature. In winter, it is more important to prevent the cloth layer contacting the cloth roller from being cooled by the too cold cloth roller.