Installation of Printing and dyeing combined Machine

All kinds of printing and dyeing equipment are composed of a general purpose unit machine, a special equipment, a general unit device, etc. Can it run normally and give full play to its due effect in use, except for the design level of the equipment? The selection of materials is related to good manufacturing process and normal maintenance, which depends to a great extent on the installation quality of the equipment.

The installation procedure of the combined machine is based on the general plan of installation, the length, width, height and position of installation in the workshop, according to the requirements of the design taskbook, selecting the appropriate height, and pulling a Y-axis length tensioning antenna with steel wire. Using the wire hammer to draw out the X axis and make the X axis base line on the ground, pouring the concrete bottom foot hole, after the concrete bottom foot hole is dry, then installing the pouring bottom foot bolt one by one smoothly.