Intelligent calender system form Broadenwin

Founded in 2004, Broadenwin machinery Jiangsu co.,ltd is said to be the leading calender manufacturer in china, having specialized in the development of embossing and calendering technology for 15 years.


It has various types of special rolls as well as calender, embossing, padder, slitter and winder manufacturing experience, since 2007, Broadenwin has been researching the technology of the stepless regulating uniform-pressure Roll(S-Roll)-a calender machine that is now used in the nonwoven, textile and paper industries.

In recent years, based on PP, PET, PLA and PE, new fiber materials have been used in the spunbond nonwoven production process to bring product performance advantages, and , the increasing quality of nonwoven production processes across the world has called for higher requirements, as a result, an increasing number of Broadenwin S-Roll machines are being applied in S, SS,SSS,SMMS and SSMMS nonwoven production lines.

To meet the needs of the market, Broadenwin developed two machine models equipped with the S-Roll: SI type two roll S-Roll hot-calender machine, and the SY type three-roll S-Roll hot calender machine.

The SI type two-roll S-Roll Hot-Calender machine comprises an upper smooth roll or engraved roll,and the bottom roll is a hot S-Roll.The upper and bottom rolls are I-Shaped on the frame,hence the model name of SI type.The SY-type three-roll intelligent S-Roll Hot-Calender has two A\B rolls at the top;two rolls can be engraved,or one can be engraved and one smooth.The bottom roll is the S-Roll.When the equipment is running,the upper two rolls can be freely switched and respectively lapped to the bottom roll.When the upper two rolls are separated from the bottom roll,the three rolls are Y-shaped on the frame,hence the model name of SY type.

According to Broadenwin,the SY type S-Roll Hot-Calender can reduce its speed without stopping while the product is converted.The height of the network belt is fixed,so there is no need to cut the product,adjust the pipeline or remove any equipment;it can keep producing as normal.The machine can complete two-roll switches and resume the speed of normal production in less than 10 minutes.This greatly improves the production efficiency,reducing the material loss,and effectively controlling the production cost.The operator can click the touchscreen to complete the previous operation,reducing heay manual labour and production safety risks.

Other advantages of the intelligent S-Roll Hot-Calender machine include:a roll width up to 6,000 mm or wider;machine running speeds up to 600 m/min;and roll surface temperature control accuracy of±1℃,to mame just a few.

According to Broadenwin,the whole machine realizes control technologies such as digitization,modularization,intelligence,and remote communication cloud computing.