Norway hopeful of major progress in FTA talks with China


Though the COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in delays in negotiations, major progress on a China-Norway free trade agreement (FTA) is expected this year, according to Norway's minister of trade and industry Iselin Nybo , who recently said Norway will work with China at the global level and bilaterally to strengthen international economic and trade cooperation.

"There has been good growth in bilateral trade between Norway and China over the last two years. We have been particularly pleased by the strong growth in Norwegian seafood exports to China," she was quoted as saying by Chinese media reports.

Though there was a decline in bilateral trade in the short term, Nybo hopes for a return to past growth levels in the long run.

The two sides completed the 16th round of negotiations on a China-Norway FTA in November last year. They held consultations on related issues such as trade in goods, trade in services and investment, rules of origin, trade remedy, environment, legal issues, dispute resolution, competition policy, government procurement, e-commerce and institutional terms.

The Chinese commerce ministry said both sides had made positive progress in negotiations.

China exports mainly raw materials, computers, transport equipment, plastic and rubber products, textiles, garments and household appliances to Norway.