Oura designs mask for better breathability, protection


Oura – the social enterprise that infuses high-tech health and wellness solutions into everyday lifestyle products – has designed a new mask which offers superior breathability without sacrificing protection during high intensity activities and exercise regimens. The Oura Active Mask is a reusable antimicrobial mask with moisture-wicking technology.

The reusable antimicrobial mask has been specifically designed to better suit the needs of active individuals who require protection during exercise. Whether running outdoors or engaging in high intensity interval training, the Active Mask is created to withstand high performing exercises while delivering comfort, maximum protection and extreme breathability through moisture-wicking and proven antimicrobial technology.

The Active Mask takes comfort and performance to the next level as it filters and destroys pathogens, tested by third-party laboratories to filter more than 90 per cent of 0.1 μm particles without a filter and more than 98 per cent with a filter. The self-sterilising and deodorising mask is made with ultra-lightweight fabric designed to pull sweat and moisture away from the face; its built with an air diffuser to prevent air from blowing into the eyes when exhaling; made with skin-friendly hypoallergenic fabrics to reduce “maskne” issues; and comes with an adjustable nose clip for a personalised seal, an optional NIOSH-approved N95 filter for additional filtration, 30 adhesive nose strips to prevent mask from sliding down, and a travel pouch for easy storing.

“We’ve been manufacturing antimicrobial products for three years, and believe these self-sterilising properties are key to ensuring the safest possible protection when wearing a mask,” stated Shaun Veran, COO and co-founder of Oura. “We’ve also done a ton of research into what people are looking for in a mask and have found it can range from person-to-person, which is why we’ve created a range of options to keep our communities both healthy and comfortable. Whether running errands or running on the treadmill – our masks are specifically tailored to protect and enable a healthy lifestyle.”

The product is available in four sizes for an ideal custom fit – ranging from extra small to large.