Overview of screen dot coating machine

Product Description

It is used for coating in plastic/silicone dots or other patterns form onto the basic materials such as cotton, chemical fiber, blending fabrics and non-woven fabrics ,etc.

It is applied to produce knitting fabric, plastic gloves grey cloth, adornment cloth, and aslo be used to gilding and silver plating.

Production process:

automatic feeding in roll form - roll feeding - round dot printing - electric heating needle plate stretching and drying - (rolling and gilding) - winding in roll form

Main technical specification:

Electric heating Oven: 15m in lenght 

Power: about 108 KW

Electric heating TEMP.: 100-170 Degree Celsius

Producion Speed: 8 - 20 m/min

Overall Disension: 20150 mm* 2740 mm * 2080 mm (L*W*H)

Product details


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