Overview of Sueding Machine

Brushing is a process in the textile industry. The friction of the fabric through the sanding machine and the emery skin makes the surface of the fabric form a layer of short pile, which retains the original characteristics and gives the fabric a new style. It has warmth and softness, thick and soft, rich texture, and has the characteristics of not fading. The color is long-lasting, suitable for winter warmth products and products for personal use.

Technology Introduction

Brushed products are a kind of functional products, which is a finishing of printing and dyeing. Brushed bedding products are soft, warm and comfortable in winter, and the price is relatively high. Because the wool is better, it must be activated printing.

After the general gray fabric is pre-treated (desizing, smelting, bleaching, mercerizing, etc.), the surface of the cloth is very smooth and smooth. A layer of fluff comes out. There are many types of sanding, such as ordinary sanding, water sanding, carbon water brushing, etc. The sanding has sand leather sanding, such as the common polyester polyester leather velvet, peach leather velvet, cotton Italian velvet, etc. common on the market , Steel barbed sanding such as Lycra frame velvet, warp and weft knitting various sanding cloth.

"Fine hair" is made out of sand leather. The whole process is like this: first padding the fluffing agent, drying the stenter, and finishing on a special sanding machine. The sanding machine is better in Italy and Germany. The sanding machine has six sand rollers, according to the fabric Different bags of different number of sand skins, and then the cloth surface is given a certain tension on the high-speed sand rollers, and slowly passes. After the friction of the six sand rollers on the cloth surface, the cloth surface becomes dense Fluff.