Regard the burner of Singeing Machine

High speed and high efficiency are the main development directions of the current burners. At present, the speed of the sintered machine is 100-120 mmins in China, and 250-300mmins in foreign countries. In this way, the quality of firing can be effectively improved to a certain extent. The greater the temperature difference between the wool and the fabric itself, the better the firing. At present, the burners are more inclined to use the flame with its sufficient strength to a certain extent, to speed up the speed reasonably in operation, and to obtain high speed and high efficiency in operation. When in use, it is necessary to raise the temperature of the burners. The high temperature burning of the machine can save more than 30% of the gas compared with the low temperature. For this reason, a series of measures have been taken in the design of the fire mouth price at home and abroad, which require the flame to be short and strong, and the heating to be concentrated. Many short and loose fibers are exposed to the surface of the yarn and a layer of short fibers stand on the surface of the fabric when the fiber is fricted in the spinning thread and weaving process. In the process of operation, the sintered machine will effectively smooth the fabric, and effectively lift it in front of the face of the cloth to see this layer of fluff of different length. This layer not only affects the finish and dust of fabric, but also produces defects in printing and dyeing.