Safety production and maintenance method of singeing machine

The singeing of fabric requires removing the fur on the fabric as much as possible without causing the fabric to catch fire. Therefore, special attention should be paid to fire prevention, anti-virus, dust prevention and explosion prevention during the operation of the singeing machine.

1. Fire prevention: There is flame during the singeing process, so the singeing machine should be installed separately, separated from the original cloth room and other machine rooms by a firewall, and equipped with complete fire fighting equipment. It is necessary to have a complete set of operation methods and take mechanical, electrical and other related measures to solve the phenomenon of burnt cloth caused by sudden power failure or mechanical failure. A fire baffle should be installed between the upper and lower sides of the fire mouth of the double-layer singeing machine to prevent the sparks from falling and causing the fabric to burn out. Be vigilant at all times to prevent fire accidents.

2. To prevent smoke and dust-After the original cloth passes through the cloth feeding and bristle device, it will produce a lot of short fluff and dust, and smoke will be emitted when the hair is burned, which affects the production environment. Corresponding dust removal and air supply measures should be taken to ensure fresh air.

3. Prevention of poisoning-CO and gas used during singeing, etc. If densely cut and poorly ventilated, it will be emitted and the well will condense in the workshop. When CO gas accounts for 0.03% in the air, it is harmful to the human body: if it accounts for 0.2%, the person loses consciousness, and if it accounts for 0.4%, it can cause death. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly inspect the pipes and flues of the singeing machine and take measures to prevent poisoning.

4. Prevent explosion-The flammable gas used in the singeing machine is mixed with air to a certain proportion to achieve a very explosive explosion, and a sudden explosion will occur under certain temperature conditions. Gases that are very low under explosion are more dangerous. For example, when the concentration of gasoline gas in the air is 1.2% to 7%, an explosion will occur when the local temperature is greater than 230 ° C: when the concentration of gas in the air is 4%, When the local temperature reaches 500 ℃, electricity will explode. Therefore, we must promptly check and deal with these problems to prevent explosions.

Thousands of miles are destroyed by ant dens, small details are easy to ignore, but it is also easy to cause major accidents. The operation of the singeing machine must strictly abide by the regulations, strengthen maintenance, ensure that the pumps, valves and various instruments work normally, and prevent various accidents happened.