Schutt launches python face mask for germ protection


Schutt Sports, a US-based one of the world's leading manufacturers of protective equipment, has announced an exclusive distribution agreement for the python face mask. Company stated that the new five-layer face mask features a replaceable filtration system that can be purchased with a variety of filter level options, with up to 95 per cent filtration.

This provides a unique balance between enhanced breathability and filtration, specifically designed for athletic or workout use. 

“There are many basic, non-performance face masks being sold in today's marketplace,” Jim Stutts, president of Schutt Sports, said in a press release. 

When developing and designing this face mask, we united the three critical elements of technology, performance and comfort to create what we feel is the best performing, comfortable mask being sold.”

Although designed for athletes, the wide array of filters can suit individuals, environmental conditions, activities and occupations. This mask can be worn and used by anyone with multiple sizes available.  

Schutt will offer the Python Face Mask for purchase in July, both through their dealer network and online. The Python Face Mask's unique design combines a five-layer enhanced filtration and inhalation/exhalation system with a silicone stabilisation system on the inner layer. The silicone provides a tight seal over the face without the abrasion one gets from a traditional mask. This enhances the security of the mask during activities. 

The combination of the over-the-ear construction combined with an adjustable Velcro backstrap design allows for a customised, secure fit and all-day comfort. The patented multi-layer construction wicks moisture from the mouth and evaporates to the outer layer, while the adjustable nose bridge provides a custom fit and seal around the nose. The filter of the mask is replaceable, and the mask is reusable. The mask can be washed and dried, and the material has an inherent memory retention due to its wrap knit fabrication versus the polyester or woven materials of the competition.