Several factors of poor singeing

Unclean singeingcauseresolvent
The inner flame is too far from the cloth and the temperature of the copper or cylinder is not enoughTo adjust the height of an inner flame over or raise the temperature of a copper plate or cylinder.
speed too fastSlow down the speed
Drying drum and brushing device didn't workClean brush with Emery roller, adjust contact surface with fabric,improve drying effect
Excessive singeingThe temperature is too high, the fabric is thin, the burner is manyAdjust flame temperature,adjust the number of singeing surfaces
speed too slowStrengthen the blowing cooling between the burners

Improve the speed
uneven singeing
Burner blockaged, deformation, uneven surface of copper plate or cylinderTo clear or flatten the iron plates on either side of the opening.
Inconsistency of temperature at both ends of copper or cylinderImproved operation
Cloth wrinkleAdjust the feed tension guide roll to keep the edge holder flexible
Burning holeScouring sand, flanking sand, cotton wool, not extinguishing in timeShortening the distance between Fire and Fire extinguishing
Gasoline is badly gasified and oil droplets are sprayed on the clothReplace atomization nozzle or raise gasification temperature
speed too slowImprove the speed
Mars fell on the cloth and didn't go out in time