Several singeing methods commonly used in singeing machine

Now many machines are equipped with special brush and brush roller. Today, the relevant technicians who produce brush, brush roller, wire brush and industrial brush will introduce one of the machines, that is, the brush roller in the singeing machine and several singeing methods of the singeing machine.                        

The brush roller is an important part of the brush product, and also a very important part of the singeing machine. The flame temperature of the old singeing machine is relatively low (generally 700-800 ℃), and the method of multi burner singeing is often used to improve the quality of singeing. But through long-term practice and observation, the flame temperature of the burner has a significant impact on the quality of the singeing. Increasing the flame temperature can not only clean the singeing, but also improve the speed of the vehicle. At present, there are several ways to improve the measures of fire mouth:

1. Radiation type fire mouth: the fire mouth is equipped with special-shaped refractory brick, so that the mixture can be burned in the small chamber of the refractory brick after the outlet. The refractory brick is a high-temperature carrier, which can gather heat, improve the combustion temperature, and strengthen the combustion process (up to 1300-1400 ℃).

2. Multidimensional burner: for example, sps-ii double jet burner made in China, on the basis of the original slit burner, the burner is changed into a primary, secondary and auxiliary burner, which makes the gas mixture form a stagnant vortex, so as to burn more fully, improve the flame temperature, and make the flame flat and stable. There are other structure forms of double jet burner, but its working principle is similar. The improved burner of gas singeing machine can rotate a certain angle, which is convenient to control singeing degree.