Singeing machine- Jet burner characteristics

Burner is the central part of singeing machine, play a decisive role on the overall performance, After summing up the advantages and disadvantages and existing problems in the production and application of various famous brands of products, the new type jet burners are developed according to the principle of flame combustion stability. It has the characteristics of full combustion, uniform flame, high temperature, remarkable energy saving effect and good quality of singeing,strong adaptability to various fuels and fabrics, with small size, light weight, good balance, simple amplitude modulation, operation and maintenance without disassembly and other advantages. For the convenience of users, equipped with various types of singeing machine dedicated shaft head, so it is widely used for new machine and old machine transformation.


Jet burner features:

1.    Suitable for burning natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), various kinds of gasoline, city gas and water gas mixed with air.

2.    High flame temperature, all kinds of fuel flame high temperature up to 1150-1400 ℃.

3.    Flame evenly, flush, fabric breadth horizontal temperature difference is less than 10 ℃ / M.

4.    The flame is easy to adjust, suitable for various light, heavy and thick fabrics such as pure cotton, polyester and viscose, chemical fiber and blended fabric.

5.    Good singeing quality, all kinds of fabrics singeing performance all reach level 4.

6.    The energy saving effect is remarkable.

7.    Stepless amplitude modulation at both ends of the burner achieves the purpose of energy saving.

8.    The principle of jet combustion is adopted. The high temperature zone of the flame is 20-25mm away from the jet. Due to water cooling, the flame orifice body does not deform to ensure the flatness of the flame.


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