singeing machine standard configuration





Suitable for singeing woven fabric of pure cotton, polyester fiber ,lycra and their blended fabric, removing fabric surface impurity, improving fabric surface quality and smoothness.

The singeing machine is configured with the latest advanced alloy multi-mix double jet burner, it meets high efficient, energy save, environment and safety.


1.  Process

  Slant entry frame?infrared photoelectrical center device?steam moisture tank?drying drum? front brushing unit?singeing unit?after brushing unit??extinguisher?cooling drum?or desizing cistern unit ?padder?batcher


2.  Technical parameters

a. Machine breadth: 2000mm, fabric work width :1800mm.

b. Machine design speed: maximum 120m/min.

c. Fuel: natural gas, ~24m3/hr consumption.

d. Singeing mode: one face and one inverse;

e. Drive mode: Mutil-unit AC drive.

f. Speed adjust: inverter adjustable.

g. Control mode:PLC.

h. Operation mode:Touchable panel, human interface.

i. installed power:~41KW

j. machine hand: motors,fans, air blowers and chemical tank etc are located in the left side face the fabric entrance view. Operation touch screen is in the right side.

3.  Machine function

l The top advanced burner can achieve fast speed and high temperature running, maximum 150m/min, 1300 centigrade.

l Osthoff innovated aluminum alloy burner, good performance, low consumption.

l Multi singeing mode, 4 different ways.

l Gas and air mixing in stable, carry out Italy proportional valve, keep gas and air pressure equally at mixing point under adjusting condition.

l PLC controller, achieve process repeatable.

l On line monitor: burner flaming, cooled water flow, cooled water temperature, burner body temperature, keep safety.

l Assistant drive on guide roller in desizing cistern, make sure fabric process in low tension.


4.  Units description:

A. entry frame in plain

Standard ‘C” shape stainless steel frame, scientific structure, high intension, good stability.

1 set tensioner, adjust the fabric tension by hand, easily operation, pipe in Dia.50mm. SS. Material.

6pcs fabric entry pipes, Dia.76mm, SS. Material ,3mm thickness.

2pcs guide roller, Dia.125mm, SS. Material compounded.

1set infrared photoelectrical center device.

1 set infrared photoelectrical center device, remove fabric crease and center it.

2pcs guide rollers dia.125mm, for fabric passage by pass to brushing unit directly.

B.  Infrared photoelectrical center device.

It is made up of left and right SS frame head, SS wire winded uncurller, centering pipe, alignment adjusting rollers and control circuit etc.

03pcs wire winded uncurller, fabric wrap angle adjustable,  driven by motor, the uncurller rotation direction is on the contrary against the fabric entrance, fabric tension adjustable via wrap angle adjustment according to different fabric requirement, quick remove crease and fully open fabric,

02pcs alignment adjusting rollers, coated with grain belt, increasing fabric moving friction and fast action.

01pair centering pipe, aluminum alloy shell, coated with high strength apparent PVC pipe, both sides good seal, inside inserted sensitive circuit card, which is imported components.

Power: 380V, 1.1kw

Wire winded uncurller speed: 500rpm, dia.100mm

Alignment precision: =±5mm for full length.

C.  Steam moisture tank

Feed steam evenly for fabric both sides moisture, make fabric be soften under high temperature steam, erase hard crease on raw fabric, jacket structure on steam supply pipe, make steam supply evenly and no steam spray on fabric directly, tank entry and exit rubber seal and no water drip under heating pipe,

1set 304SS tank, left and right side plate with 3mm thickness, others 2.5mm thickness, steam heating pipes at the entry and exit as well as front & back sides, evaporating condensate water quickly, avoid water drip to the fabric making yellow mark and causing desizing as well as bleaching problem, drainage pipe underside the tank, make condensate water discharged quickly.

1pcs tank cover, 1mm thickness, 304SS material, sides plate 3mm thickness, 2pcs handles includes for open and close.

6pcs steam heating pipes, seamless SS pipe, dia.27mm

3 sets steam spraying pipes, make sure steam spraying evenly and quickly, assembly design easier for clean and maintenance, dia.27mm steam spraying seamless SS pipe, nozzles allocation evenly, outside covered with SS pipe dia.48mm, nozzles allocation evenly, nozzles would not face to fabric directly, spraying pipes are protected with block plate , which can avoid steam spraying to the guide roller directly and cause water drip and further water marks .

1set soft rubber seal at the tank entry and exit.

1pcs guide roller, dia.150mm, SS shaft,

2 sets mechanical seals , with SS bearing house.

D. Drying drum device

Iron wet fabric , erase hard crease and reduce fabric humidity, improve singeing speed and performance, entry from downside, avoid quick drying, enhance penetration, make fabric more soften, increase iron effect, one piece rubber bow roller at the entrance, make fabric in tension and expand status before drying.

1 set frame, “C” shape profiled stainless steel made,

1 pair pillars, 6mm thickness steel plate cut and folded .

4 pcs drying drums, dia.800mm, 2.5mm thickness 304SS sheet coated.

4pcs good brand rotary joints. Relative metal soft pipes drainage pipes included

1pcs dancing roller device for fabric tension control, guide roller dia.125mm,

1set pneumatic control box, pressure gauge, regulator, valve etc included.

1set drive device, 3kw, reducer, double layer chain ,drive wheel, tension wheel etc included.


E. Front brushing unit

Closed chamber, fluff and dust no leakage; keep site clean.

Laterial big doors both sides, easily check and clean.

1set framework, left and right wall is made of 10mm thickness stainless steel sheet folded, good precision, no distortion, good dust discharge channel design.

2pcs spiral brushing rollers, bristle hair, MS shaft coated with engineering plastic thickness sleeve,dia.190mm.

2pcs brushing & beating rollers, MS shaft coated with thick aluminum alloy pipe outside. bristle hair. Beating fabric when brushing, keep the fluff up, make dust fast drop, better for the singeing. Dia.190mm.

2pcs guide roller, dia.125mm, SS. Compounded .

1 set drive device, AC motor with gearbox attached.1.1kw, hex belt driving.

1set adjusting device , adjust the brushing roller location.

One set dust exhaust fan. 4kw

One set dust collector.



F.  Singeing unit

One closed chamber SS material, two burners inspect windows door both sides.

Easily for clean and Maintenance.

2pcs barometers installed on the side door for operator easily handle the flame.

Two sets Y model double jet Burner(similar same as Osthoff), SiC brick

fixed along with the burner on both sides. Multi-times air& gas mixing realized .

Integrated aluminum alloy material body, inside with water cooling channel to cooling burner , prevent burner being distort,

Through times compressed, collided, the more even mixed gas and air is sprayed from the burner narrow gap, generate strong penetrability, good linear and evenly flame,high temperature flame.

The burner can be moved in parallel manually according various fabrics.

2pcs cooled water roller, dia.150mm, inside jacket structure, better cooling performance,

1set air cylinder, lift up and down cooled roller to achieve multi singeing mode.

2 pcs water flow detector, check water flow, gas solenoid valve stop if no water detected, gas solenoid valve auto close and alarm if flame extinguish. Meanwhile burner auto reset.

1pcs electric contact pressure gauge, on line check water pressure, gas solenoid valve would stop if cooling water pressure is lower than set value.

1set cooled water temperature detector, auto check , keep water under 50 centigrade while running,

2 sets thermocouple sensors, on line check burner body temperature, once burner body temperature exceeds set value, then gas shut off, machine stop.

2sets auto ignition device, can ignite 3~5 times per operation.

2sets flame detector, check flame condition, once ignition failed, then shut-off gas valve and alarm; if flameout while machine running, then shut-off gas valve and alarm, then burner back to initial position.

2 sets gas& air pipes, made of seamless pipe, configured with shut-off valve, solenoid valve, proportional valve, pressure adjusting valve, mixing pipes, barometers, metal soft pipe, butterfly valve etc.

2 sets air supply blower, high pressure and enough flux, 1.75kw, inverter control, save energy.

1 set smoke exhaust fan, 3kw. Air pressure sensor included.


G. After brushing unit

Used for remove smoke dust after singeing process, make fabric clean and avoid second polluted again.

1set framework, left and right wall is made of 10mm thickness stainless steel sheet folded, good precision, no distortion, good dust discharge channel design. Closed chamber, fluff and dust no leakage; keep site clean. Laterial big doors both sides, easily check and clean.

2 pcs beating rollers, SS round tube welded with SS ” ?”shape angle steel along the full circle, the beating roller running counterclockwise against fabric direction, normally 110~120m/min,  Beating fabric when brushing, keep the fluff up, make dust drop quickly,

1pcs guide roller inside chamber, dia.125mm, SS coated.

1pcs guide roller outside chamber, dia.125mm, SS coated.

1 set drive system, AC motor , reducer drive, speed 185rpm, 1.1kw

1 set beating roller moving adjustment device.

1 set dust air duct, cone shape design, good sucking and evenly.

1set dust collection device, exhaust fan and motor, 5.5kw, water curtain collector included.


H.  Extinguisher

Used to extinguish the spark on fabric after singed process, the fabric is coated closely on the cooling drum, 5 pcs rubber rollers pressed on the cooling drum via air cylinders, reduce fabric temperature and 5 times extinguish spark, the pressure is adjustable, prevent fabric burn out and crease.

1 set frame. SS material.

1 pcs cooling drum with dia.300mm, jacked structure, out layer is 304SS, inside layer is MS, better cooling performance.

5pcs rubber rollers, dia.150mm, seamless steel pipe coated with anti-blast rubber material.

10 pcs air cylinders pressing rubber roller on both sides.

1 set drive chain and wheel, driven by next cooling drum device.

1 set air control panel, configured with gauge, valves.


I. Cooling drum device

Used to fast cooling fabric after singed process, in case of any crease.

3 pcs cooling drum with dia.570mm, jacked structure, rotary joint included.

1 set water entry and exit pipe, soft rubber pipe, valves configured.

1 set drive motor, 7.5kw, configured with gear reducer, double layer chain and sprocket.

J.  Desizing cistern unit

suitable for desizing fabric after singeing process.

Tank front wall thickness 3mm; lateral wall thickness 2.5mm, 304SS material.

upper 7pcs roll, down 8pcs roll; roller dia.180mm ; centering distance is 950mm, 20 m fabric capacity, mechanical seal; roll jumping degree =0.2mm; rolls parallel degree =0.5mm; horizontal degree =0.3:1000;

all top rollers driven by torque motors to reduce fabric tension while running.

Inside indirect steam pipe.

1pcs steam solenoid valve for steam on/off.

1pcs temperature sensor, K type thermocouple

1pcs drainage valve

1pcs chemical tank, SS material, 500L content, mixer included.

1pcs dosing pump, feed chemical from tank to desizing cistern.

2pcs glass windows, fully rubber seal.

K.  Padder

 Strong steel frame structure. Padder pressure is about 5 tons; both side pressure adjusted separately, left ,middle and right side pressure difference no more than 5%.

driving roll(lower one):dia.225mm, SS coated.;cast iron core.

negative roll(upper one): dia.250mm, rubber coated, cast iron core. hardness shore A80±5°,

1 set air pressure device, 2pcs air cylinders pressed on both side.

1 set air control panel, gauge and valves configured.

AC motor and gearbox , 7.5kw.



L.  Batcher

SS. seamless pipe coated with rubber sleeve, hardness shore A80+_5. Dia.230mm.

1set fabric press device, press roller dia.125mm, configured with arm, rotate shaft and air cylinder etc. 4kw motor.

1set compressed air control box, barometer, pressure adjusting valve and air cylinder included.

1 pcs bow rubber roller, dia.125mm, bearing house included.

1 pcs guide roller, dia.125mm, SS compounded.

Maximum batching dia.1600mm.


M.  Electrical control

Driving mode: AC motor, gearbox, inverter control.

Burner auto-rotate when the speed reach set value, auto-ignition; auto-extinguishing.

Burner auto-reset and auto-extinguishing when machine stop.

Choose singeing mode, control burner position and cooling water roller up and down.

No ignite if the singeing unit fan is closed, once fan stop running, auto-cut off gas supply, and burner auto reset.

Cooling water temperature auto detect and supply fresh water.

Cooling fresh water pressure on line monitoring through pressure gauge with electric contact (working range: 1bar to 2 bar)

Burner body temperature on line check through thermocouple sensor.

Auto ignition.

Auto flame detector(ionization).

Fault auto display and alarm.

N.  Main control outsourcing parts:

Inverter: Mitsubishi

Touch screen: Mitsubishi

PLC:  Mitsubishi    


O.  Painting:

SS powder paints;

P.   Note:

1. All guide rollers are made 2mm SS304+ 2mm MS compounded .

2. the gas filter, pressure regulator valve and proportional valve are Italy brand; the gas solenoid valve is from Taiwan; others are china famous brand.

3. The seller only provide the fist valve of water, air and gas pipes system connected with machine, outside machine belongs to buyer.

4. All power and communication cables, air inlet pipe of air blower, smoke exhaust pipe, dust collector ‘s outlet pipe and water curtain dust collector’s pipe as well as chimney are supplied by buyer.

5. optional fabric passage after singeing unit, through desizing cistern or through cooling drum.

6. the machine frame are all SS too.