Singeing machine with four burners

Safe and Reliable Fabric finishing machine open width knitted fabric singeing machine with four burners


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Warranty:1 YEAR

After-sales Service Provided:Video technical support, Online support

Applicable Industries:printing and dyeing factory

After Warranty Service:

Video technical support, Online support, Spare parts, Field maintenance and repair service


Automatic Grade:Automatic

Place of Origin:China



Production Capacity:20000KG/day

Product Description

Product Application

Applicable to a wide range of varieties, including pure cotton, artificial cotton, TC, CVC, T/R and other knitted fabric.




Main Features

 1.  Applicable to a wide range of varieties, including pure cotton, artificial cotton, TC, CVC, T/R and other knitted fabric. 

 2.  Highly efficient and energy-saving, the gas consumption of the burners is 12 cubic meters/hour/piece, 30% lower than normal ones. 

 3.  The latest two-way burners are applied especially for knitted fabric, with a robust fire force and penetration. And even singeing is realized.The  flame could get through the warp and weft yarns and remove the fluff there, so as to make the cloth more bright and clean, with aclear texture and realize level 5 scouring.

 4.  The equipment has a long life span. The main machine can last over 10 years and the burners over 20,000 hours. 

 5.  Multiple online tests are equipped, including tests for flame condition, cooling water currents, smoke exhaust fan, high pressure fan, water pressure and temperature, so as to make sure the machine operates safely and normally. 

 6.  Designed for environmental protection and energy saving with zero emmission. Inside the machine is a high power exhaust machine to avoid soot and smoke emmission. Also smoke evacuation and dust removal devices are at your disposal to serve the environmental requirements. The cooling water circulation system works steadily at constant pressure, to further protect the singeing machine and to realize zero emmission. The whole machine is highly automated. Autoignition is applied to the burners, with an automatic pressure adjusting function and  a LCD touch screen to control the thermal power. The operation functions are highly simplified to raise the controllability of the machine.