Textile machinery and equipment protection measures

1.        All kinds of mechanical equipment and facilities must be equipped with protective cover for the axle, cover for ditches and Wells, and fence for platforms;

2.        All kinds of mechanical and electrical equipment are complete and reliable, such as safety protection device, signal device, police protection device, safety device, limit device and chain device. It is forbidden to use obsolete equipment and unsafe homemade equipment;

3.        All kinds of mechanical equipment after maintenance, should be promptly restored the safety protection devices in place, to maintain complete mechanical equipment protection;

4.        Warping machine: safety bar and emergency stop are kept intact and responsive, and infrared interlocking device is installed to ensure easy operation and reverse operation;

5.        Setting machine: open-width coupling shaft, transfer printing machine: fixed screw of whole machine linkage shaft on the side, must use socket crew, set up protective measures for pedestrian passage;

6.        Coating machine: large volume to reverse, to the middle of the machine to add a protective device, padder add stick protection, and the installation of gas concentration alarm and electrostatic elimination device;

7.        Calender: the middle of two shafts with stick protection, and equipped with emergency braking device;

8.        Centrifugal dehydrator: the inner liner and shell are fixed firmly, screws and nuts are free from loosening, falling off, breaking and serious corrosion;

9.        Open mixer must have shells.

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