Introduction and principles

Textile steaming is a process after the textile printing

Textile steaming is a process of processing the fabric with color paste on the surface under certain temperature, pressure and humidity conditions for a period of time. In the process of transpiration, the dye printed on the surface of the fabric is expanded by water absorption. At the same time, the macromolecular structure of the fiber, under such hot and humid conditions, increases the internal space, accepts the infiltration of the dye and bonds with it, so as to fix the dye on the fiber.

Steaming equipment

Steam cylinder

One kind of intermittent type steaming equipment, suitable for small batch, various processing ways, so it is still widely used in the silk industry. Its shape and principle is very similar to the household pressure cooker. At the bottom of the cylinder, there is a incense coil to release steam.

Long loop steamer

Continuous steaming equipment, the fabric is shaped like an s-shape loop. Under the hanging and rolling of several guide rollers, it slowly enters the steamer, and receives steam in the continuous process. Finally, it comes out from the tail of the machine to finish the steaming process. According to the structure of the bottom of the steam box, the long loop steamer is divided into two types: bottomless and bottomless.

a. Steamer with bottom

Closed with bottom structure. There is a steam seal at the inlet and outlet of the machine. There is a direct steam nozzle at the bottom to supply steam and wet, and an indirect steam insulation pipe at the top to prevent condensation dripping. The wet air is continuously heated by heat conducting oil heaters on both sides of the steamer, with the temperature up to 185℃, and then sprayed from the top to the moving fabric surface.

b. Bottomless steamer

Its shape is similar to that of bottomless steam box. It is rectangular structure, but the lower  is bottomless. Because of the hot steam lighter than air, steam suspended in the upper steamer, together with the top down jet of steam exclude air down, steamed in the bottom of the steam meet with cold air condenses into a thick layer of fog layer, to separate steam and steam for the cold air outside the box, form a natural gas cutting, to prevent the leakage of steam in the oven and box into the air, and the fabric is free to enter the steamer.

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