Tips for maintenance work of singeing machine

Tips for maintenance work of singeing machine

  • Keep ramp bricks and burner free of dust and dirt deposits.

  • Keep burner slots clean with the delivered cleaning gauge. Blow out burner chamber between the base frames with compressed air.

  • Control cooling system for seat leakage. Exchange immediately defect or broken tubing and leaky rotary joints.

  • Keep suction filters at the combustion air blowers clean.

  • Observe flame. In the case of a bad flame clean filters at the blower fan. Possible readjustment of the mixture at the mixing valve.

  • No universal maintenance intervals can be named, as the operating conditions are very different, under which the machines run. In order to avoid troubles, the burner slots and the roller surfaces should be cleaned daily.

  • If cleaning work is carried out in the singeing machine, the key-operated switch in the control desk is to be switched from "Operation" to "Cleaning". The combustion air blowers work, so that no dust can enter into the burner slots.

  • Cover the burner with a cloth, if you clean the upper rollers.

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