Tradewind's webinar on SME growth with trade finance

Tradewind Finance, which provides tailored working capital solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), will share the benefits of factoring—an alternative form of financing ideally suited to SME businesses, especially companies with cash flow problems due to slow-paying clients—during a Fibre2Fashion hosted webinar on Wednesday, August 5.

With an objective to address the financial needs of young companies and SMEs, the webinar titled 'Empowering SME growth with Intelligent Trade Finance Solutions' will be held at 4.00 p.m. (India time).

Among other things, the webinar will address how factoring and supply chain finance solutions can potentially unlock new markets and working capital capabilities, and how such receivables finance offerings may help SMEs navigate through challenging times whilst enabling them to do more business.

Maham S Siddique, vice president of Commercial & regional marketing lead for Asia Operations at Tradewind Finance will speak on importance of trade finance in today's changing and growing world, role and contribution of intelligent trade finance in the growth story of SMEs, and why should a business go to Tradewind for financing instead of a bank.

Siddique, who plays a key role in facilitating seamless cross-border trade flow by providing sustainable and scalable liquidity solutions for enterprises, will also dwell on Tradewind's response to global challenges in international trade, by sharing case studies and examples, while also briefly touching on Tradewind's process flow and operations.