Types, advantages and disadvantages of the Singeing Machine

Type of singeing machine

There are many kinds of singeing machines, which can be divided into two categories according to the way of firing and the heat sources used. According to the shape and properties of hot plate, hot plate singeing machine can be divided into copper plate singeing machine, cylinder singeing machine and electric hot plate singeing machine. According to the different heat sources, gas singeing machine can be divided into gas burner, propane-butane singeing machine, gasoline gas singeing machine and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) burning machine. According to the arrangement of the burner, it can be divided into vertical, horizontal and double-layer horizontal singeing machine.

Advantages and disadvantages of various Singeing machines

Although there are many kinds of singeing machines, gas singeing machines are widely used at present, the main reason is that there are many shortcomings of hot plate singeing machines. Direct contact and friction between hot plates and fabrics can easily scratch the surface of the fabric, and the non-contact parts and the fluff between warp and weft cannot be burned, especially for high-grade fine and thin fabrics and chemical fiber fabrics. The machinery and equipment are heavy and the labor intensity of the operators is high. It is difficult to control the heat plate to reach the uniform temperature and to adjust the temperature because of the more smoke and dust, and the loss of the hot plate itself is more serious. Gas singeing machine can basically eliminate these shortcomings, general fabric can be used to burn wool, chemical fiber fabric and jacquard fabric has its unique effect. In the absence of city gas, the gas generator and gasoline carburetor should be equipped.