Water circulation system for ZCMT921 water curtain dust collector

Water circulation system Instructions

For ZCMT921 water curtain dust collector

1.       Usage

Use for water curtain dust collector to do water recycle, water saving.


2.       Technical parameters

a)        Water tank volume: ~5M3.

b)       Circulation flow: 20T/h.

c)        Installed power: 3kw.


3.       Working principle

Water circulation process: pump the water from the circulating water tank to the water curtain dust collector, after spraying, flow to the water-wool separator to separate the fluff and impurities, then back into the circulation box.

l  The cooling water circulating pump is interlocked with the air blower motor of the water curtain dust collector. When the air blower starts, the circulating pump starts the water supply at the same time.

Liquid level controller: when the water level in the circulating cooling water tank is lower than the lower liquid level, the lower liquid level gauge is connected and the water filling solenoid valve is opened to replenish water. When the water level of the circulating water tank reaches the upper liquid level, the upper liquid level gauge is disconnected, and the water filling solenoid valve is closed to stop the water-replenishing.

Economic benefit: save 10 tons of water per hour.


4.       Components

a)        Liquid level gauge: 2 PCS, 220V.

b)       Water filling solenoid valve: 1PC, AC, 220V.

c)        Water pump: 502×18-20, 3kw.

d)       Water-wool separator: 2×0.55kw = 1.1kw; 10 tons/hour.

e)        SS water tank: ~5M3.