Why we use loop steamer

We apply loop steamers in process of natural fiber, synthetic fiber, chemical fiber and its blended fabric woven fabric, knitted fabric and non-woven fabric steaming fixation and baking, all kinds of fabric per square meter gram weight range 50-800 - g / ㎡.

1.      Fabric in the steaming process of full relaxation, no tension, in a free state to complete the steaming process.

2.      The main chain of the ring rotates evenly during to avoid hanging rod printing and ensure uniform evaporation.

3.      Loop forming method: the self-weight of the fabric is used to form the loop automatically to overcome the damage of the printed surface of the fabric caused by the way of the external force exerted on the fabric by pressing bar or blowing steam in the past.

4.      The specially designed saturated steam generator does not need external steam to generate saturated steam, so that the steam consumption of the whole dyeing machine is very low.

5.      Steam flow inside the box convection cycle, humidity control, temperature control, ring length control, time control to ensure the quality of evaporation, bright color, good color fastness.

6.      Compact structure saves energy.

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