Long Loop Steamer

Long Loop Steamer
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As one of the best long loop steamer manufacturers in China with a good reputation, Prosperity Textile Machinery is able to offer you customized long loop steamer. Welcome to visit our website.

Long loop steamer


Suitable for the printing process of fixed color of various fabrics and the printing drying process of pigment dyes.

Fabric weight range: 50~650g/m2

2.Main specification and parameters:

Machine operation side: left or right side face to fabric entrance.

Machine breadth: 1800mm~3600mm

Fabric inlet and outlet mode: front inlet and back outlet, front inlet and front outlet, single layer and single fabric, single layer and double fabrics.

Fabric capacity: 140m, 210m, 280m, 350m, 420m

Loop length: 1.25m~2.50m, adjusting ratio: 1:2

Machine speed: 5~50m/min

Steam supply pressure≥0.3mpa

Water supply temperature≤60℃

Suitable process: high and low temperature (reactive dyes, engraving dyes, acid dyes, separate dyes)

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