Burlington is collaborating with Ralph Lauren in to make isolation gowns for healthcare and other community workers in New York, New Jersey and North Carolina on the front line of the COVID-19 crisis. Burlington is providing its advanced barrier Maxima fabrics and technical expertise to Ralph Lauren to manufacture personal protective equipment (PPE).

Burlington and Ralph Lauren have a long-established relationship that spans years of creating uniforms for US Olympians and other classic apparel products. Burlington is providing its advanced barrier Maxima fabrics and technical expertise to support Ralph Lauren in the manufacturing of personal protective equipment (PPE). In a time of such scarcity, medical apparel made from reusable fabrics offers the ability to keep a constant flow of protective garments – keeping front line workers protected and focused on patient care.

“Burlington is proud to be a part of an industry with such compassion and call to action as we have seen in the fight against COVID-19,” said Allen Smith, president Burlington, Safety Components and A and E – Americas. “Our expertise in fabric innovation and advanced technical fabrics is allowing us to be a resource to brands, like Ralph Lauren, who are stepping up to meet a great need for PPE. Teams at both Burlington and Ralph Lauren are pivoting from our traditional collaborations to more technical conversations and guidance on new fabric constructions.”

For over 40 years Burlington has been providing protective fabrics to the healthcare market. Burlington’s Maxima line of reusable fabrics is highly protective, offers maximum durability after repeated launderings and is extremely comfortable to wear. In addition to advanced protection, reusable fabrics offer sustainable and cost-effective solutions to address the extreme global shortage of PPE. Burlington’s line of reusable, fluid resistant fabrics is engineered for top of the line performance and safety and meets ANSI/AAMI PB70 and EN 13795 certifications and FDA standards.

Smith continued, “Ralph Lauren is a perfect example of the collaborative spirit across the textile and apparel industry in times of need, and the way in which Elevate, Burlington’s parent company, can use its expertise and contacts to quickly assist with a broad range of needs. It all started with a phone call from Ralph Lauren into Elevate’s Cone Denim team who made the introduction to the right resource within Burlington and later expanded our support with A and E thread products. The initial order for Burlington fabric was placed within five hours of the first phone call and Ralph Lauren was sewing gowns in its New York facility the following week. We are proud of our employees in North Carolina who are working tirelessly to produce these advanced fabrics and find ways to achieve additional production within our facilities. We greatly appreciate their efforts along with those of workers at Ralph Lauren’s designated cut and sew operation in New York. This journey captures the human spirit – extraordinary people stepping up to support our heroes on the front line. From North Carolina to New York – we’re in this together.”