Burn Wool Machine Purpose Of Singeing

Fiber spinning lines and friction during the weaving process, there are many short and loose fibers exposed on the surface yarn, a staple fiber fabrics on the stands. Fabric level, in front of oil on canvas we can see that the hair of this layer varies. This layer of fluff not only affects the smoothness of the fabric and easy dust, and also produces a variety of defects in the dyeing and printing process. As down into mercerizing alkali, alkali impurity increases, affecting silky gloss and alkali recovery difficulties caused flock into printing paste, easily drag-and-paste and drag-knife, impact pattern clear defects such as: surface fluff pilling of polyester/cotton fabrics and so on. Therefore, in addition to certain species, generally cotton, hemp fabric and polyester and vinylon, acrylic fiber and cotton blended fabric desizing, scouring and bleaching are singed. Some worsted fabric, silk fabric, knitted fabric and yarn according to processing requirements, and singed.