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1, roller length

Roller length represents the maximum range of rolled products. As required to keep the position of the striker plate placed at both ends and, therefore, effective length of rollers for roller length minus the length of non-working surface (about 15% of roller lengths).

2, roller length-diameter ratio

Roll working section length and diameter ratio of length to diameter ratio. The ratio of length to diameter of the roller (or roller diameter) main calender Calenders


The thickness of the product dimension precision (reducing roll). It except with the rolled material properties, material and working parts of the roller length outside, mainly depends on the quality requirements for flat-rolled products.

3: roller diameter and transverse pressure and power relationships, aspect ratio and stiffness

Roller diameter and transverse pressure and power relationships as shown in the figure. Roller diameter greater cross-pressures greater driving power required is greater, almost in a straight line.