​Chc590 Rotary Heat Exchanger Energy Saving And Environmental Protection

Chc590 rotary heat exchanger energy saving and environmental protection

With the rapid development of international and domestic economy, the contradiction between energy supply and demand is becoming increasingly prominent, resulting in the rising energy prices. Energy saving and consumption reduction can not only reduce production costs, improve the competitiveness of enterprises, but also be more conducive to building an environment-friendly and energy-saving society. To this end, our company after full investigation and demonstration, combined with the current situation of printing and dyeing industry, carefully designed a set of automatic cleaning heat exchanger chc590 rotary heat recovery device.

Chc590 rotary heat exchanger can solve the problem of pollutant deposition during heat exchange of contaminated liquid. The characteristic of this heat recovery device is that it can recover the waste heat of seriously polluted liquid without using special filter.

1) Scope of application:

It is suitable for hot water washing section of cotton, linen, chemical fiber, color woven fabric and other continuous production equipment. (such as desizing, scouring, bleaching, reducing soaping, washing after printing, etc.)

2) Working principle:

The hot waste water to be discharged will be discharged again through the rotary heat recovery device, so that the make-up water in the rotary heat recovery device is heated; and then the heated make-up water is sprayed to improve the temperature of the water washing tank, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

3) Main features:

1) One time investment, permanent return;

2) Compact structure and small floor area;

3) All stainless steel, (SUS304) box side plate thickness is 3mm, exchange plate thickness is 1.5mm;

4) The machine is composed of a liquid tank and a rotating disc hollow shaft. This structure makes the clean water flow in the rotating disc shaft like a labyrinth. Then, the rotating disc shaft is driven by a small motor to rotate continuously, resulting in turbulent flow and large heat absorption area;

5) The polluted liquid passes through the liquid tank in a serpentine counter current to improve the heat exchange efficiency;

6) The hot waste water flows orderly and overflows, so that the heat source is constantly replaced;

7) It has automatic cleaning function;

8) Temperature display is installed at the inlet and outlet of sewage and clean water, which can directly observe the change of water temperature.

4) Technical parameters:

1) Overall dimension: 3700mmx740mmx720mm (subject to the final drawing size confirmed by both parties)

2) The diameter of purified water inlet and outlet is DN50

3) The diameter of wastewater inlet and outlet is DN 100

4) Heat exchange area: 21m2

5) Purified water volume: 180L

Waste water volume: 1000 liters

6) Heat exchange rate: 70% - 80%

7) Flushing medium: steam and water

8) Design flow: about 4-8t / h

9) Normal working pressure < 3kgf

5) Calculation of steam saving: (data provided by Ningbo Youngor)

The thermal efficiency of the system can reach 70% - 80%, with small floor area and low energy consumption. According to the normal production of the factory, the cost can be recovered after using the system for four months. The theoretical steam saving cost is calculated as follows:

Saved steam flow: m steam = cm water δ T / Q = 4.2 * 103 * 5 * 50 / 2.2 * 106 = 0.5t/h

From the above data, the total steam consumption formula can be obtained as follows:

Total steam saved price = 0.5t/hx daily production time x total production days x steam unit price

S / N steam flow daily production time steam unit price production days cost (yuan)

Investment in a chc590 rotary heat recovery device can meet the requirements of 5 to 8 grids of water washing and spraying make-up water. If we work 20 days a month, 20 hours a day and 150 yuan per ton of steam, we can recover the cost in four months.