ITA Academy To Offer Online Remote Trainings


ITA Academy will conduct online remote training ‘Digital Transformation’ and offer its customers opportunity to participate from their home offices in times of corona. Other training courses like ‘Textile Summer School’ & ‘Basics of Textile Technology’ will also be offered remotely. ‘Textile Summer School’ will address both international and national customers.

“There is much more to textiles than you think,” said ITA Academy managing director Nicolina Praß. “Medical textiles such as stents help us in health care, textiles such as airbags secure and protect us in the car and make life at home comfortable with carpets, sofas and much more. Textile concrete is used in architecture and reduces carbon dioxide pollution. Therefore, knowledge about textiles is important for almost all branches of industry.

“Because textiles are in demand locally and around the world, it is a national and international business at the same time. Therefore, we offer some training courses in German and other training courses in English.”

ITA will impart knowledge about textile value creation from May 13-15 in ‘Textile Summer School’ (English) and from July 28-30 in ‘Basics of textile technology (German). They will impart expertise about the entire textile process chain. Starting with fibre science, through yarn and surface production to finishing and textile testing methods, all essential topics will be covered.

Both training courses are therefore suitable for interested employees and trainees from all areas of a company along the textile chain who wish to acquire or refresh specialist knowledge. This also gives lateral entrants and specialists with training from outside the industry the opportunity to enter the world of textiles more easily.

The core of the ITA Group is the research and teaching institution, the Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University (ITA). The ITA Group is an international research and training service provider for fibre-based high-performance materials, textile semi-finished products and their manufacturing processes with about 400 employees.