Knit Karl: Woolmark's Ode To Karl Lagerfeld


Woolmark is paying tribute to designer Karl Lagerfeld by launching 777 limited edition ‘Knit Karl’ boxes. The DIY knitting kits include renewable and bio-degradable Merino wool yarn, knitting needles, metal badges, and Karl Lagerfeld designed unisex pullover, a cap, a scarf and a headband. The Knit Karl box is designed after the iconic Karl’s collar.

Woolmark’s latest partnership with Maison, is a tribute to Lagerfeld legacy. 

As a matter of coincidence, Karl Lagerfeld was the winner of the coveted Woolmark prize in 1954 in coat category. He always promoted wool in his designs. Since years, Karl Lagerfeld and his namesake brand have shared an enduring relationship with Woolmark.

Knit Karl was one of the last projects that the legend worked on before his passing away in Paris last year.

The coveted box can be won by taking part in a scavenger hunt for exclusive codes across the digital universe. The exclusive codes can be entered at for the chance to win. The knit Karl box sets is a unique experience itself, as it gives the winners the pride of owning a designer piece and satiate their designer bug by knitting themselves. The iconic designer’s favourite number was 7, and that is the reason 777 DIY knit box was created and the competition will continue from February 7 to March 7.