Mexican Polyester Processing Silk Anti-dumping Investigation Network Response Meeting Held

On the afternoon of April 10, 2020, the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textiles held an anti-dumping investigation network response meeting of the Mexican polyester processing yarn. Vice President Wang Yu of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textiles attended the meeting. He Yujie, Deputy Director of the Export Division of the Trade Relief Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, Tao Fei, Director of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, Tao Li, Director of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce, representatives of the Bureau of Commerce of Shaoxing and Hangzhou, representatives of the involved companies from Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Fujian, and lawyers A total of 29 people participated in the meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Director Wang Dongxiao of the Law Department. At the meeting, Vice Chairman Wang Yu introduced the basic situation of the case, China's foreign textile and apparel export situation, Mexico's past record of textile and apparel products in China and the impact of the new crown epidemic on our textile and apparel exports and foreign trade orders. Chairman Wang pointed out that in the face of the double pressure brought about by the foreign trade situation and relief cases under the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, enterprises should actively respond to the lawsuit and fight hard to protect the export market. Deputy Director He Yujie focused on Sino-Mexico bilateral economic and trade relations, the characteristics of Mexico ’s anti-dumping case against China and the difficulties in responding to it, and suggested finding breakthroughs in the three aspects of the industry ’s non-destructive defense, enterprise ’s individual dumping response and alternative country defense. Director He pointed out that under the "four-body linkage" mechanism, the government will fully pay attention to the case response. She suggested that the responding subject should clarify the lawyer response strategy in the case response process, and hoped that the Chamber of Commerce will actively communicate and cooperate with the case applicant, importer, upstream and downstream of the domestic industry in Mexico and the respondent subject of the industry by taking full advantage of the industry. In order to strive for the outcome of the case in favor of the enterprise. Director Wang Dongxiao mainly introduced the company's response channel, the legal department's previous case response experience and the Chamber of Commerce's cooperative lawyer team.

In the free discussion session, the company introduced the current market situation in Mexico under the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, and the company's exports to Mexico in recent years. Afterwards, the participating lawyers introduced the case response experience and case response strategies.

Finally, Vice President Wang Yu pointed out in his concluding statement that the "four-body linkage" mechanism provides guarantees for enterprises to respond to complaints; the chamber of commerce has established a professional and formal platform for the handling of cases; factors such as the huge domestic market demand in Mexico are Enterprises provided a basis for responding to and defending; the products involved in the case were repeatedly launched anti-dumping investigations by different countries, which not only showed that the products involved were familiar to everyone, but also attracted great attention from the companies involved. All of the above provide important reference for enterprises to actively participate in the case response.