Overview Of Singeing Machine

Burn wool machine gas-contact hot plate and two hot plates-burn wool machine copper Singeing Machine, alloy cylinder Singeing machines and Singeing Machine a number of electrically heated metal plate. Gas Singeing machines heat sources for coal gas, liquefied petroleum gas and gasoline, and so on. Apart from individual metal hot plate is used in dyeing and finishing plant in the past (the copper cylinder), Singeing machines, mostly gas Singeing machines. But with on pure cotton in the, and thick fabric and the high density pure cotton fabric of burn hair quality requirements increasingly high, a enterprise development has porcelain tube type electric heating contact type of metal Board fire mouth, processing 14*2tex*28tex pure cotton half line Khaki, in speed 70-80m/Min Shi, burn hair quality is greater than is equal to 4 level (only has short hair, and more neatly), General fabric of speed is for 90-110m/min.