The Trade War Eased And $300 Billion In Tariffs Were Lifted

The easing of trade and the temporary disappearance of the $300 billion tariff threat is good news for both sides.

In the international market, the cost performance of Chinese textiles has not been replaced.Although the overall trend of the current textile industry is to southeast Asian countries, due to the quality of workers, supporting industries, technical level and other issues, China is the only country that can guarantee both the quality of textiles and the cost performance.

China's exports to the United States fell in May this year, even as its overall exports to the rest of the world grew, according to the national customs.However, according to local media reports in the United States, local enterprises in the United States have not found a good alternative textile producer, so it can be said that a large amount of textile demand is being suppressed.

With the good news, perhaps in the near future textile exports to the United States will usher in a wave of peak.

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